Hello moms, friends of moms, daughters of moms, want to be a mom or support moms! (Did I cover everyone?)
I’m Michele and I’m a momonthegogo. 
Yes that is a word…..(it is now)!  I’m pretty sure I made it up but it truly is the epitome of what I am! 
What is momonthegogo?
Well for me I have found that being a mom, I am always on the go! Anyone else??
Whether it’s trying to squeeze a workout in, figuring out what to eat for dinner, planning a family vacation, finding great and most of the time healthy recipes, playing with my favorite skincare products, being an entrepreneur or even picking out my favorite outfits to feel fashionable – this mom is always on the go! Sound familiar?
So I’m coming to you with a website to share it all!!! I am blogging and throwing in as much as possible to be a self care advocate and a community of ladies who want to try and have it all but sometimes are totally self proclaimed hot messes too! 
As a mom, wife and always on the go……it’s time to share how I (try) and do it all!!!  This is momonthegogo. 

Let’s be Friends!


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    I almost can’t believe it! Here’s the deal, EVERY year starting on October 31st and going through February 14th, I lose complete control and eat and drink my heart out!  Anyone with me here?  It starts on Halloween and then goes through Thanksgiving, and goes strong through holiday festivities, Christmas, New Years, more 3 day weekends in January and then comes Super Bowl, my husbands birthday and then Valentine’s Day.  The yummy meals, the desserts and the wine! And I for sure put the exercising on the back burner!  I then wake up to my reality around February 15th and...

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