Mommy guilt. It almost feels like a bad word. Ok bad two words. But I want to address those feelings of stomach pain and thoughts that run through our mommy heads because this s%*t is real! And for those of you that don’t have it; bravo! Because you my friend need to help your mom friends through this!!

So I’m just going to throw this out there. Mommy guilt comes from so many angles it seems there should be an award given to those that have figured it out. 

Let me be clear —— I still haven’t figured it out but I’m definitely working towards that award! And maybe this blog today is quite therapeutic to help me get there! 

It doesn’t matter if you are a working mom out of your home or a working mom in your home or the CEO of your household….the mommy guilt is typically still there. And these seem to be the biggest areas of mommy guilt. 

And let me tell you – I HAVE BEEN THERE AND SOMETIMES STILL THERE with the above! 

Mommy guilt doesn’t discriminate. It comes in all shapes and sizes and seriously I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t get it occasionally. 

It goes deeper than working out of the home and missing things for work or working in the home and feeling like you have to be present all the time as a result. 

It can be mommy guilt that the lunch you packed is in a paper bag while the other mom packed a lunch that may have some serious talent because the sandwich could be in a magazine and the watermelon were shaped as balls. 

Mommy guilt can be because you forgot to brush your kids hair on picture day. (That may or may not have happened). 

Mommy guilt can be because you decided to pop in chicken nuggets in the microwave vs buying organic chicken and marinating it. 

Let’s face it, mommy guilt comes up often and my thoughts are that we just gotta stop. 

I know easier said than done but you know what guilt means?

That we did something wrong!

Ladies, we are doing NOTHING wrong by working outside the home, working in the home, forgetting to brush hair occasionally, or feeding our kids nuggets. 

Being a mom doesn’t come with a book of rules and really we are all human and just trying our best. 

There is no ideal definition of a mom. Right? 

And maybe that is part of the problem. We have this idea of what a mom “should be” and we aren’t living up to that. 

Nope, no way, – we have got to stop that!! 

Close your eyes and think about 3 things that a mom should be. 

Go ahead and do it. I’m waiting……

I bet most of us used words like loving, caring, nurturing and more. 

I’m pretty sure that whether you work in the home or outside of the home or forget something occasionally – you are a caring, loving and a nurturing mom. 

And that to me is the ideal mom! That is really your ideal definition of a mom too, right?

So stop comparing yourself to others and stop making yourself feel guilty about what OTHERS think you should or shouldn’t be. 

If you’re definition of a mom is your ideal, then you have figured it out sister. Let’s stop the guilt! 

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