I double dip with guacamole (don’t worry, I only do it at home or when you are not looking).

I used to not understand why there were crumbs in peoples cars and food wrappers until I had kids and now I am a walking billboard of having the messiest car. (That is what I get for judging).

I don’t put my clothes away daily and have a little pile happening in my room (working on it!).

Frozen yogurt is my favorite thing and I used to be the first customer every day up until about 90 days ago (it was a work in progress people).

I love to cook but sometimes it just isn’t good or not as expected and that bugs me because I secretly want to be the next Top Chef and haven’t really accepted that it may not happen.

I think I have texted someone back sometimes but really only did it in my head. Sorry friends and family!

I forget items at the grocery store that are on my list and then have to go back when I get home sometimes. Good thing I like the checkers at my local hood supermarket. They always seem happy to see me even two times in a row.

I am grumpy without my coffee in the morning but never drink a whole cup. (Process that).


So there you have it!  Confessions for no damn good reason at all.  But man, it feels good to get that off! What a relief!  Sometimes I look like I have it all together but I really don’t. And for God sakes, who does? I know that social media doesn’t show the things that make us crazy or others crazy and that is ok.  Facebook can be a fantasy world for most and even for me as a writer and blogger. I love to share the good and what I am excited about (period) and really who likes to share that they double dip?  The real truth is (are you ready for it?)…….I actually have way more than I am proud of these days.  Even with all my imperfections, I am actually at a place in my life where I am most comfortable in my own skin. Yep, feel the best I have ever felt.  Maybe it’s my side gig turned full gig.  Maybe it’s my age (gosh that birthday is sneaking up on me). Maybe it’s just knowing that you are doing everything you can to make the best version of yourself.  Maybe I have just accepted that not one person is “perfect” and there’s no such thing.  Maybe I just realized that this is the person I am supposed to be…double dipper, messy, frozen yogurt lover, Bottom Chef, forgot to text back, two trips to the grocery store in one day and grumpy without my quarter cup of coffee.

Whatever it is, I just think and feel like life is good.  Actually, life is great even with all the imperfections because to me that is EXACTLY what makes it so darn wonderful.

I. Am. Happy. Being. Me.

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