The REAL truth…..

4 years and 3 months ago I was working in the fashion industry happy with what I was doing but personally questioning how on earth I could continue having professional success and growing in my career while being a present mom and wife with two young children.

So I decided to become a consultant on the side of course. Had no idea where it was going to take me. Thought it would give a little extra monthly to help towards fun things and maybe it could eventually be more. Definitely wasn’t putting all my eggs in one basket though thinking this could be what gets me all that I was longing for.

I started as a party of ONE for my side gig. Just me, squeezed it in between my 50-60 hour work week and the demands of my family. I didn’t even think there was time but I was motivated to see where it would take me.

1 year into my business I had a handful of customers that trusted me and wanted to learn about the product and had 8 people who decided to join me too in the business as they saw the vision.

2 years later we grew more. More customers for the consultants who joined our team and more people who decided to join our team. Many of us growing fast. I was able to make the choice to quit my full time job.

3 years later we grew even more. More customers and more people who decided to be a part of our team.

4 years and 3 months later we grew even more. 280 as a team and over 3,000 customers as a team. It actually may be closer to 4,000.

July 2018 our team hit the best month we have ever had while at the happiest place on earth. Ironic right? There were the most promotions ever as a team! Many earned the best paycheck they have ever had. 4 on our team hit the top 2% in the company and as a result I hit the top 0.5% in the company. And our team qualified for the first month of being a Road To RFx team (Lexus).

Here’s the kicker – I worked hard and so did my team but was able to have the flexibility while being in Tahoe for the week of the 4th of July, an overnight trip to Napa with girlfriends, and a two week vacation hitting Santa Barbara, Disneyland and finishing up in Cabo. Yes, this all happened the month of July, our best month ever.

So what’s the secret? Well let me be crystal clear on this one. There is no secret. Unless the secret is to not quit, to keep moving forward and sharing this gift with others. So I guess that’s my secret.

Here’s the best part, we just launched a new product less than two weeks ago which is amazing!  And we are going to launch another two products next month! So there is going to be even more “best months ever” to come. 

Wonder what this month will be like? How about in another year, 2 years, 3 years and 4 years & 3 months? I am pretty sure I know. Want to find out for yourself to see where you can be in another year, 2 years, 3 years and 4 years & 3 months? Well then, we should talk. 

And here’s another opportunity to say thank you! Thank you to friends and family for the support and thank you to the best team on earth! Love the gift of this business but most of all love the gift of amazing people in my life.

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