I have learned to not be worried about what others think.

It isn’t easy sometimes but I know that other people’s opinions are none of my business.

So yes, I’m in my bathing suit here but hear me out….

This was July 4th in Hawaii after losing the 12 pounds that I gained from the holidays! And I have since lost another 3 pounds which literally blows my mind considering I have been enjoying vacation dinners, desserts and cocktails! I’m told my metabolism has completely changed.

It wasn’t even about the scale for me….it was the way I felt…bloated, low energy, uncomfortable and just not myself.

After putting SELF-CARE as one of my 2019 goals; I knew I had to start with changing the way I eat and understanding how my body metabolizes.

I didn’t even start really figuring out what to do until February after a friend shared her results and story from a program she did with Amanda.

So I became a client of Amanda’s as she is a registered dietician who specializes in weight loss and nutrition.

This woman has changed my life.

I have been a client of hers since February and will continue to be because it’s that great.

To anyone looking for a new health journey, this one is the best I have EVER done!

And I have to say; I feel good! No more tired, bloating, low energy!

If you’re interested, send me an email or comment and I will share her information with you.

And for all those wondering… I am not selling this; just endorsing a program that worked for me to help others. After all, if I’m going to help people live their best lives ever, I know that being comfortable in your own skin means you want to feel good inside and out. If you’re not feeling good, consider this.

For more information, message me! I will send you all the information and a referral code too!

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