What amount would you pay to change your Life?

What dollar amount would you pay to change your life to get all that you want?

I have talked to a TON about being their own boss and this topic. 

Some go for it & change their life when they follow the path of success. 

Many say they don’t have the money to invest but they want this business to change their life. 

My question though is how bad do you want change in your life?

If you knew that big change would only cost you $395, $695 or $995 – is the change you want worth that money?

What’s the number you would pay to make that change happen fast and how hard are you willing to work for the change to happen?

The change I wanted was to make my own schedule so I could spend more time with family. I also wanted to make six digits too. I had no doubt in my mind I could do it. 

Was $395, $695 or $995 worth it to make the change? 

So basically was I willing to pay any of those prices knowing that if I was coachable, I could be my own boss and make six digits?

$395 to be my own boss and make my own schedule? YES, like right away. In fact for me, it was the $995 one because I love product and wanted to see how great it was. 

And if you don’t have that extra $395, $695 or $995 available then you may need this business because the extra income monthly could help relieve stress that you may have if you are willing to work for it.

Be creative. Again, how bad do you want that change? Is that change you want valued at more than $395, $695 or $995? 

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

And you got a coach (me) that has been the #1 team builder for the past 3 years, #1 personal volume last 2 years, a blogger, a podcaster, and supporter to help you. 

What. Do. You. Have. To. Lose. 

Even. Better. 

What. Do. You. Have. To. Gain. 

Let’s chat. 

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