I almost can’t believe it! Here’s the deal, EVERY year starting on October 31st and going through February 14th, I lose complete control and eat and drink my heart out! 

Anyone with me here? 

It starts on Halloween and then goes through Thanksgiving, and goes strong through holiday festivities, Christmas, New Years, more 3 day weekends in January and then comes Super Bowl, my husbands birthday and then Valentine’s Day. 

The yummy meals, the desserts and the wine! And I for sure put the exercising on the back burner! 

I then wake up to my reality around February 15th and say OH NO……spring is around the corner, WHAT HAVE I DONE!

Anyone else relate?

That’s around the time last year I decided to go on a program called LEAN (Feb 20th to be exact). I saw my friends results and said to myself, ok I will do this!

This one will work (I tell myself) and I made a promise that I wouldn’t get this way for another holiday season. 

Well I’m proud to say I GOT THROUGH the season without gaining weight!


This program works! I have never been through anything like this and felt so good too! 

It’s a combo of intermittent fasting (which I never thought I could do) and haven’t missed one day since the day I started, getting rid of the gluten and dairy which I realized was making me feel gross so happy to ditch it, planning what to eat (as Amanda says: fail to plan; plan to fail), a bit of accountability, carb cycling, optional exercises and a program full of recipes, help and more. 

It isn’t complicated! Amanda has just figured out a way to make it work for everyone and is very reachable and literally there to help and guide you virtually every step of the way! 

I believe this program is why I have been successful for almost a year! 

I dreaded going through feeling gross again this time of year and have found a program where I have made progress, ate the dessert if I wanted, alcohol for those fun occasions and more!

It’s a real life program that works and has you feeling GREAT! 

If you want a program that works, I have to say Amanda’s is awesome!!!!!!! I have lost 13 pounds and massive inches all over my body.

Sign up here and you’ll be added to a thread of like minded people & I will send you a list of my favorite snacks that are Amanda approved for the program!

To join, go to the link below and use referral code: MICHELE (and receive a discount when signing up)

Let me know you have signed up by emailing too so I can add you to our fun community and send you a list of my favorite snacks that are Amanda approved! 

Here are my results! Happy to have kept the weight off all year and refer you to a wonderful program!

I’m hooked and so thankful Amanda is helping more on their journey to health.

Self-care is important and feeling good is what it’s all about!

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