Thursday, April 27, 2017

Success doesn’t have to be the corner office—it can be found in a multitude of places and it’s important to acknowledge and enjoy it when it comes your way.

As a retail executive with more than 20 years of experience, Michele Anderson put her heart and soul into managing teams across half of the United States at one point in her career. However, between the constant travel and the demanding hours, she always felt like she was “on someone else’s schedule.” Michele had often considered owning her own business, and when she finally received her chance, it led to a new career and a new life with her young family.

Going out on a new limb

Back in April of 2014, Michele was enjoying a rare day off from her demanding retail career when she received a message that changed everything. “I was reached out to on LinkedIn and learned about the Rodan + Fields® business. I was excited to become an entrepreneur, and knew that I could be successful with this. If I put my mind to something, I achieve it.”

An avid skincare enthusiast, Michele was excited to try the Rodan + Fields products for herself when she became an Independent Consultant. “I thought I had good skin to begin with. However, I joined R+F right before my 40th birthday—a time when anti-aging was really important to me.” Michele mentions that, “I didn’t tell anybody that I had changed my skincare routine, but one friend actually took off her sunglasses and asked, ‘What are you doing? Something’s different with your skin!’ That made me realize these products were really working for me.”

Finding her new passion

As gratifying as the improved appearance of her skin was, Michele was still giving most of her energy to her retail career. “I was a top performer in my company, and things were going really well for me. I would’ve had to leave a lot of money and a title I had worked hard for just to walk away. At that time, my focus was my full-time job and my family, and R+F was my number three.”

After another demanding holiday season in retail, Michele decided that she was ready to make a change. “If I had downtime, it was Rodan + Fields time. My business provided me with light and passion.” Michele worked hard to fit in 5-10 hours of Rodan + Fields work per week, and achieved Level V in May of 2015. Finally, Michele and her husband Matt decided to have the conversation about cutting back. “We both knew that I could do more with R+F if I had more time. I walked away from my retail career and I haven’t looked back since.”

For two years straight, Michele has been focused on building a strong team of Independent Consultants around her. “I knew my experience with leading, coaching, training, and developing others could help me achieve our R+F goals.” Team SkinCARING grew into a supportive community with a deep sense of belonging.

Enjoying her new life

Today, Michele devotes most of her newfound time to her family. “I’m able to be more present with my kids: I help with their homework, I volunteer in their classrooms, and we do fun things after school. We really enjoy life together, and I wasn’t able to do that before.”

She is equally passionate about showing her family the benefits of perseverance. While she once showed her daughters “the busy, successful mama, always dressed to the nines,” Michele is grateful that her daughters now see her in a rewarding career that allows her to be present, driven, and happy. “We preach to our children so much that ‘you can do anything that you put your mind to.’ I feel like if I say that now, it finally means something.”

Michele is also taking more time for herself with her new work schedule. “I’m enjoying life more now! I actually just signed up for a tennis lesson, which is something that I’ve always wanted to try. I just never found the time before now. My husband gave me a racket 12 years ago that I never used, and I think now is finally the time to jump in.”

A new set of future goals

Michele has ambitious goals for her business that inspire her to work even harder. As a current Premier Level V, she hopes to “go straight to RFX Circle” and to achieve “Lexus, Elite V, and RFX all at the same time.” These big goals come with a big emotional payoff—both for Michele and for others in her life. “I get chills just thinking about that upcoming moment. As much as the title is wonderful, it means that I’ve made a difference to my Customers, my team, and my family. They say that this business is life-changing… for me, it’s definitely been that way. I’m driven to help others achieve the same feeling of success.”

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